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How does it work?

During the first visit we will ask about your pets’ clinical history, so that we can get an idea of the problem area or any underlying cause.

With BICOM® bioresonance therapy we will identify and treat your pet’s imbalances and conditions. The goal with this therapy is to support and stimulate self-healing by activating and supporting the immune system and other important body functions. The testing and therapy sessions are totally painless and without any side effects.

For the first sessions it is important to build up the pet’s system and strengthen it for subsequent therapy sessions. This includes reducing existing blockages and balancing the immune system. A well functioning immune system is a big part of your pet’s general well being.

Your pet can stand, sit, lie down or be placed inside a cage if it is difficult to keep it in place. During the therapy session they can eat or drink and quite often they will relax fully and sometimes even fall asleep, throughout most of the session.

We measure/test different frequency patterns that are sent between the machine and your pet. These patterns are specific for every substance or program tested. By the resonance or dissonance reaction from the tensor we can see if the substance tested is causing a reaction, or if a specific program is suited for your pet.

According to the results from the testing procedure and from the clinical history, we establish an individual therapy plan and combine different programs to treat and support your pet in the most optimal way. The result is affected by the animals overall state at the time of testing, so the programs we use can vary between therapy sessions.

How many sessions does it take?

The number of sessions needed depends on different factors, such as how your pet responds to the initial basic therapy and also the severity of the actual condition. Average number of sessions for initial basic therapy is 2-3, after which at least 5 more will be needed to treat a specific chronic problem. If it’s for acute problems positive results are often shown soon or after a few therapy sessions.

After therapy your pet may drink excessively. The fluids will help your pets body to eliminate any toxins released during the session. The reaction could also be an immediate relaxed behavior and sometimes the pet will fall asleep. This is totally normal and nothing to be worried about.

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