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Allergies & Food

Allergies and food intolerances usually result from our diminished ability to digest certain basic foods such as milk, wheat, egg or soy. Our digestive system may have weakened due to not having enough enzymes to break down the food, or some other reasons including genetic factors. If we continue to eat foods that we don’t digest well, our body will continue to weaken until finally, when faced with a dose of stress or strain, our immune system becomes over-stressed and reacts to things like dust, pollen or fur as if they are “enemies”.

When our immune system is out of balance, we start having allergic reactions to various “allergens”. In less severe cases, we would simply develop an intolerance for certain foods, which means that those foods will weaken our system although they do not yet cause any strong reactions. In most cases, we are not even aware that we have such intolerances but quietly and steadily, they will continue to weaken our system.

Once an allergy or food intolerance has developed, it is difficult for the immune system to correct itself and get back in shape. In time, the allergies may grow in strength and bring on additional allergies that cause increasing issues for us.

BICOM® bioresonance therapy is particularly effective for identifying and treating allergies and food intolerances.

How Bicom® Bioresonance Therapy Treats Allergies.

In order to identify the allergens:

First we take measures at an acupuncture point to establish a reference value. This value will be re-measured each time as it will differ according to your energy level and general health condition.

We will then test your own frequency (now encapsulated in the reference value) against the frequencies of different substances such as pollen, dust, milk, wheat, etc. If upon testing your body produces a frequency that is same as the reference value, it means your body has no particular reaction to that substance. But if you produce a frequency that is different from that of the reference value, then it means you have an allergic reaction, whether mild or severe, to the substance in question.

The Treatment Starts

You will be able to receive frequencies through contact with electro-magnetic mats or pads. The frequencies of substances to which you have an allergic reaction will be communicated to you during the treatment. In this process, the machine will sort out what frequencies are harmonious with your body and should be strengthened, and what frequencies are disruptive to your body and should be weakened or cancelled out. The process is repeated in each subsequent session until your immune system comes to “accept” the frequencies that caused allergic reactions, and no longer reacts to them. When that happens, you will no longer have any allergic reaction when exposed to the substance in question.

Throughout the session there will be no pain or discomfit, nor will there be any side effects afterwards.

Not Just Addressing The Symptoms

In removing the allergic reactions we will have successfully dealt with the symptoms. But we never forget to pay attention to the root cause of most allergies and food intolerances – a digestive system that’s out of balance. When we are stressed or low in energy, our digestive system is more vulnerable to attacks by toxins and pathogen strains.

Once weakened, the harmful bacteria in our intestines will outnumber the good bacteria known as intestinal flora. This is why we always give BICOM® treatments that help to optimize the intestinal flora at the same time that we target the specific allergies.

In additional to offering BICOM® therapy sessions, we are always happy to share with you our insights on lifestyle habits and how they impact on our health and well-being. We believe in the benefits of periodically detoxifying our system and fortifying it with health supplements such as probiotics, vitamins, enzymes, aloe vera, garlic juice and cur cumin.

Living right and living healthy will tremendously support your overall well-being so that you are better able to hold on to the long-term health benefits derived from the BICOM® therapy. After the allergy sessions, we have general treatments that, along with the right nutrition can help you continuously improve your health.


Many people with allergies do also have problems with the digestive system flora and there are genetic differences that explain why some do better then others.

Therefore, we try to optimize the function of stomach intestine for each patient to help them avoid developing new allergies in the future.

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When using Bioresonance to treat allergies our patients usually remain symptom-free for years, irrespective of the type of allergy.

Dr. T. Colombo, Germany

The success rate for treating allergies is impressive, irrespective of whether they are pollen or food allergies. Patients are extremely satisfied and appreciative. I could not imagine my practice without BICOM Bioresonance Therapy now!

Dr. H. Drautz, Germany

The success rate in treating allergies using the BICOM Bioresonance device is above 90% in my practice. The percentage corresponds with the results of clinical studies at Chinese clinics and higher education institutions. I am very happy with the results!

Dr. G. Doll, Germany
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