Now you can get rid of your acne and eczema problems!

Before and after.
A three-week allergy treatment was conducted along with temporary change of diet.

BICOM® bioresonance therapy is very effective for addressing skin problems. If you also live and eat healthily, you will notice a big change

As with most other imbalances, the root cause of skin problems is almost always related to our digestive system. By working on whatever is irritating our intestines, we can start a healing process for our digestive system. As inflammations are eased and candida are eliminated or reduced, the flora of good bacteria in the intestines will increase and we can get rid of our food intolerances. When our intestines become healthier, our skin will also start to heal.

When our “inside”, including our digestive system, is weakened, we become more sensitive to external influences such as any toxins or pollutants in cosmetics and shampoos. Environmental pollutants as well as the stress that we experience are also factors that can trigger eczema or other forms of skin reactions. When our immune and digestive systems are strong, we are less susceptible but when they are not in such great shape, this is when skin problems begin.

When we use bioresonance therapy for skin problems, we work not only on the symptoms but more importantly also on the root cause. Our experience is that the results are very good, and most people heal from their skin problems in an amazing way.

Are you ready to start the process of helping your skin heal and become healthier?

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When using Bioresonance to treat allergies our patients usually remain symptom-free for years, irrespective of the type of allergy.

Dr. T. Colombo, Germany

The success rate for treating allergies is impressive, irrespective of whether they are pollen or food allergies. Patients are extremely satisfied and appreciative. I could not imagine my practice without BICOM Bioresonance Therapy now!

Dr. H. Drautz, Germany

The success rate in treating allergies using the BICOM Bioresonance device is above 90% in my practice. The percentage corresponds with the results of clinical studies at Chinese clinics and higher education institutions. I am very happy with the results!

Dr. G. Doll, Germany
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