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Alicia Gonzalez

Biomagnetic Pair Therapist

Born and raised in Chile, Alicia obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in English and French translation but eventually changed paths and continued her professional career as a marketeer for Unilever both in Chile and in the UK. She then took time out from a full time career to raise her family and pursue a number of personal passions – studying and selling fine art, charity and volunteer work and for the last 8 years studying and practising Biomagnetic Pair Therapy.


Alicia came across Biomagnetism in 2012 whilst living in Kuwait, where she met a friend who had been forced to take early retirement due to an advanced case of fibromyalgia. The friend told her she had subsequently been healed in México where Dr Goiz, where the discoverer of this amazing technique comes from. She decided that she had to learn more about it.


She took her first programme online in 2013 but in 2015 and 2016 she had the chance to take face to face courses with Dr. Goiz himself in Spain. For her it was an unbelievable experience to listen to this amazing Doctor and learn the technique first hand. She qualified from this course with a Diploma in Biomagnetism & Bioenergetics and a designation of “Expert In Biomagnetic Pair Therapy” at the Philippus Programme of Real Centro Universitario María Cristina in Madrid.


During the last year Alicia has taken an additional 7 programmes to deepen her knowledge with one of the  many fantastic disciples of Dr Goiz, and by using the Biomagnetic Pair as the base and combining a couple of other techniques she has managed to get improved results.

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