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  • 氣管耳機

    我們很自豪地推出我們的無輻射空氣管耳機,WAVEEX 空氣管耳機!一種 小巧、智能且極其安全的耳機可將所有潛在的電磁輻射 (EMS) 從您的手機保留到您的頭部,同時提供水晶般清晰的聲音。


    防輻射耳機有一個空心的空氣管。基於獲得專利的 SAAT 技術(立體聲聲學空氣管),這些耳機通過一個薄的、空心的、充氣的管將手機發出的聲音傳送出去。沒有通向耳朵的金屬電纜。這將到達頭部的潛在電磁輻射降低了 98%。用沒有防輻射保護的耳機打電話時,有害輻射的風險最高,這就是專門開發這款耳機的原因。


    WAVEEX Airtube 耳機降低了撥打電話時的風險。因此,在使用帶有耳機的移動設備時,您會感到完全受到保護,無需再擔心!

    We are proud to present our radiation-free air tube headset, the WAVEEX Airtube Headset! A small, intelligent and extremely safe headset keeps all potential electromagnetic radiation (EMS) from your mobile phone to your head enables a crystal clear sound at the same time.


    The anti-radiation headset has a hollow air tube. Based on the patented SAAT technology (Stereo Acoustic Air Tube), these headphones carry the sound from the cell phone through a thin, hollow, air-filled tube. There are no metal cables leading to the ear. This reduces the potential electromagnetic radiation reaching the head by 98%. When telephoning with headphones without radiation protection, the risk of harmful radiation is highest, This is exactly why this headset was specially developed.


    The WAVEEX Airtube headset reduces the risk when making calls. So you feel completely protected and don't have to worry anymore when using mobile devices with a headset!

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