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  • 排毒曲貝


    An advanced, 15 product protocol designed to help restore the body’s natural detoxification system, capture toxins and transport them for elimination. Especially useful for effective heavy metals detox support.*


    Heavy Metal Detox

    Due to the complexity of this protocol, please consult with your healthcare practitioner to purchase. For use following Mercury Tri-Test or Blood Metals Panel positive toxicity results.


    Glutathione – A strong glutathione system is essential for the body’s elimination of toxins and central to this program.*


    Vitamin C + R-Lipoic Acid – Supports antioxidant status and glutathione production, which helps mobilize toxins for elimination.*


    IMD – Our proprietary mercury-binding complex designed to capture and eliminate toxins through the GI tract.*


    Clear Way Cofactors – Phytonutrient blend designed to help turn on Nrf2 and address biofilms that can impede detox.*

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