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GI 排毒盒套裝
  • GI 排毒盒套裝



    Help clear harmful toxins from the GI tract with this comprehensive two-month protocol. Use as a stand-alone therapy to help balance gut flora and promote mucosal barrier function, or as preparation for deeper detox protocols.*


    Two-Month Gut Reset

    Due to the complexity of this protocol, please consult with your healthcare practitioner to purchase.


    Artemisinin – Can help shift the microbial balance towards healthy gut flora. Our gel formula has a larger particle size so it can act mainly in the GI tract, so toxins and persistent GI stressors have nowhere to hide.*


    BitterX – Four classic bitters help promote bile flow, pushing toxins into the GI tract. This prepares contaminants for the final steps of elimination.*


    Ultra Binder – Multi-toxin binder that latches to and helps carry toxins out of the GI tract for elimination. This final step helps to prevent toxic reabsorption and redistribution in the body.*

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