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NAD+ 黃金™ 30ml
  • NAD+ 黃金™ 30ml

    改變你變老的方式 NAD+ 黃金™, 我們的下一代年齡管理靈丹妙藥和 NMN 的唯一脂質體來源,NMN 是我們身體天然“抗衰老”分子 NAD+ 最直接和最穩定的前體。添加 TMG 以支持甲基化,這種強大的配方可促進細胞和新陳代謝的補充和恢復活力。


    本產品應在收到後冷藏。它讓我們的倉庫凍結,並與冰袋一起運送。如果您的產品到達溫暖,請不要擔心。我們的熱敏產品可以在短時間內(5-7 天)暴露在高溫下而不會損壞產品。



    • 脂質體,下一代,年齡管理靈丹妙藥
    • 建立在科學突破的基礎上,該突破表明 NMN 可以直接運輸到所有細胞中以快速產生 NAD+
    • 用 NMN 和甲基供體 TMG 的獨特混合物持續補充 NAD+


    Change the way you age with NAD+ Gold™, our next-generation age management elixir and the only liposomal source of NMN, the most direct and stable precursor to our body’s natural ‘anti-aging’ molecule, NAD+. With the addition of TMG to support methylation, this powerful formula promotes the replenishment and rejuvenation of your cells and metabolism.


    This product should be refrigerated upon receipt. It leaves our warehouse frozen and is shipped with an icepack. If your product arrives warm do not worry. Our heat sensitive products can be exposed to high temperatures for short periods of time (5-7 days) with no damage to the product.



    • A liposomal, next-generation, age management elixir
    • Builds on a scientific breakthrough showing that NMN can be transported directly into all cells to rapidly-produce NAD+
    • Continually replenishes NAD+ with a unique blend of NMN and methyl donor TMG


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