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Rayo-Guard necklace set | Rayonex
  • Rayo-Guard necklace set | Rayonex

    Available now in store.

    Today most of us are constantly exposed to EMFs from Wifi and mobile phone towers.  At the same time, the threat of bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi is changing our way of life.  Encouraged by the success of the Mini-Rayonex which produced scientific proof of its positive effect on cell energy, Rayonex has now launched a brand new portable device that incorporates breakthrough technology.  Rayo-Guard, shaped like a round button, emits harmonious frequencies that strengthen our defences against EMFs and pathogens.  We only have to place it nearby, or wear it on our body, for the energy to be conveyed to us.  The frequencies are stored in a special memory chip inside the Rayo-Guard, and is transferred via a dipole-antenna.  Rayo-Guard's frequencies strengthen us to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and stresses caused by pathogens including the current Coronaviruses.  

    The small device, with a diameter of just 6cm and a weight of 53g, is a real hand flatterer and fits in any pocket or handbag.  A necklace has been designed as an accessory for wearing Rayo-Guard as a pendant.   It can be purchased separately or as a set with the Rayo-Guard.  Please see products "Rayo-Guard Necklace" and "Rayo-Guard with Necklace Set".  

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