Turmeric Plus with BioPerine & Curumin Extract

Food Supplement, Additive free, naturally


Adult suggested use:

One capsule per day with food. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. This product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


If you have a medical condition, are taking medication, are pregnant or nursing, always seek advice from a qualified health care professional before taking any food supplement.

Discontinue use if any adverse reaction occurs.



Turmeric may slow blood clotting, therefore do not use if you currently take blood thinners.

Turmeric should be advoided by people with gallstones or gallbladder disease. 



Organic Turmeric (Curcuma longa) 405mg; Curcumin 95% 40mg at 20:1 equivalent to 800mg turmeric; BioPerine extract 5mg at 50:1 equivalent to 250mg black pepper; Plant source capsule shell.


Allergy Warning:

This product contains Piperine extracted from black pepper.

Turmeric Plus