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BioGut Probiotics (150 tablets)

BioGut Probiotics (150 tablets)

​​BioGut probiotics include prebiotics, are resistant to oxygen and humidity, and can safely pass through the gastroinestinal tract to thrive in the large intestines. The tablets are produced by Swedish probiotics maker Wasa Medicals using low compression freeze dry technology to ensure greatest viability of bacteria cultures. Good for digestion, detox and elimination.


Ingredients (per tablet):

5 billion CFU bacteria consisting of Lactobacillus plantarum, Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus acidophilus; Inulin (prebiotics), xanthan, magnesium stearate.

Free from gluten, dairy and soy.

Suggested dosage: 1-3 tablets 1-4 times a day. Best taken with food or after meals.
Children under 7 can take half the adult dosage.
Infants can take 1/4 the adult dosage by grinding the tablets into powder and take with water or milk and fed little by little.

BioGut's strengths:

- Unique tablet structure protects probiotic bacteria from oxygen, moisture and stomach acids;
- Mixture of probiotics and prebiotics ensures long life of probiotics;
- Controlled release in large intestines ensures maximum activation of live bacteria in the right place;
- Long shelf life without need for refrigeration;
Produced after years of research and clinical trial showing efficacy of tablet structure.

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