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  • 頭髮和身體洗髮水迷迭香


    Fits everyone, every day!

    Hair & Body Shampoo Rosemary - the original with essential oil from Rosemary which gives a fresh scent and which also works cleansing and balancing on the scalp.

    In combination with a balanced diet you get a healthier, stronger and more beautiful hair with Hair & Body Shampoo Rosemary. It also gives a lot of shine to your hair.

    Hair & Body Shampoo can be used daily to wash your hair and body. The gentle and cleansing ingredients of Hair & Body Shampoo come from coconut oil and corn, which allow the skin to retain its natural, protective acid sheath. Ordinary soaps dry out skin and hair.

    The product can also be used as a facial cleanser for normal skin and as shaving creams. When shaving, clean the foam with some water.

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