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Ionosil Silver Creme (50ml)

Ionosil Silver Creme (50ml)

銀霜 含有有機杏仁油,完全不含香料、對羥基苯甲酸酯,且未在動物身上進行測試。 Silver Creme 是一種有益、保濕、保濕和營養的乳霜,可為您的皮膚提供幫助。

  • 可用於全身,男女皆宜——男女皆宜。
  • 基於天然原料的瑞典製造。 


Silver Cream contains organic almond oil and is completely free from perfume, parabens and is not tested on animals. Silver Creme is a beneficial, moisturizing, moisturizing and nutritious cream for your skin.

  • Can be used for the whole body, both for men and women – Unisex.
  • Swedish-made based on natural raw materials. 


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