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Rayobase (62 包)

Rayobase (62 包)


Rayobase is an alkaline preparation containing a balanced combination of pulverised alkaline minerals. These minerals are essential for detoxification as they bind surplus acid and neutralise them. Rayobase also contains a small amount of diatomaceous earth which is excellent for gently cleansing the intestines.


It is an interesting phenomenon that if we have a normal acid base balance, on drinking one sachet of Rayobase added to a glass of water, we would find it rather tasteless, with a little taste of chalk. If our liver is burdened, we may taste bitterness. If our kidneys are burdened, we may taste saltiness. If intestines are burdened, there may be a smell of a bad egg, and if we find a fishy taste, it could be that we lack zinc.

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