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Maria Åkerberg - Royal Body Oil (Neroli/Patchouli) (125ml)
  • Maria Åkerberg - Royal Body Oil (Neroli/Patchouli) (125ml)


    *Expires in January 2023.

    It’s good for at least 6 month after best before date - as long as the bottle is not opened.


    Winner of the Swedish Organic Beauty Awards 2019: Body Oil of the Year!

    Royal Body Oil is a luxurious anti-ageing body oil with Sea Buckthorn and seductive essential oils of Neroli, Patchouli och Rosemary, which offer a lovely scent.

    Royal Body Oil supports the skin’s own protective function and makes it velvety smooth. Suitable after pregnancy as a body oil as well as an intimate oil.

    Royal Body Oil has a light texture. It is relatively quickly absorbed by the skin, although it contains more fatty acids than our facial oils.

    Sea Buckthorn Oil is rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamin C. It also has properties that are beneficial for irritated mucous membranes and damaged skin. Clinical studies have shown that Sea Buckthorn Oil accelerates and promotes healing of skin burns and atopic eczema.

    The product contains natural self preservatives.

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