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Three French Bullgod Puppies

Bioresonance for Pets

Why Bioresonance for pets? 

When pets fall ill, we are often unable to fully grasp how they feel and what is causing them discomfort. 

Using principles of quantum physics, Bioresonance is an innovative and reliable method to assess the state of wellbeing of pets as well as detect many kinds of ailments from an energetic perspective.

Once the pet’s state of health is analysed, Bioresonance therapy can be administered to the pet to restore health and balance, reduce pain and discomfort, and promote healing. Best of all, it is done in a way that causes no pain or stress to the pets.

In the veterinary field, Bioresonance is widely used in veterinary clinics throughout Germany as complimentary therapy to harmonise ailments in horses, dogs and cats as well as other small animals. Horse stables and pig farms in Germany are also employing Bioresonance as a drug free and cost effective means for disease prevention, healing and immune boost.

Waveworks_Bioresonance_Monica Practice_Dog_pets_therapy
Pets Bioresonance

Key benefits for your pet:

  1. Non- invasive: pain and stress free therapy for your pets

  2. Suitable for animals of all ages, shapes and sizes

  3. Ideal for seniors, chronically ill animals, and highly stressed / sensitive animals

  4. Safe and natural, drug free, with no harmful side effects

  5. Fully compatible with other medical / healing disciplines

  6. Root causes for ailments are identified and harmonised, thus promoting sustainable healing

Conditions we help with

  • Nervous system ailments support (e.g. degenerative myelopathy)


  • Arthritic pain relief and related mobility enhancement (e.g. osteochondrodysplasia)

  • Skin allergies

  • Organ function support (e.g. kidney failure)

  • Pain management

  • Post-surgical recovery

  • Immune system and hematopoietic function support (e.g. cancer)

  • Chronic illnesses support

  • Digestive system disorders support (e.g. irritable bowel)

  • Food / water / drugs / supplements / substances intolerance testing

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