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Bioresonance at Home

How does it work?

Analysis needs to be carried out at Waveworks In order to identify the frequency programs that are required to address the detected imbalances. The programs are then recorded on a Green Card (similar to a memory stick) for you to take home and use.


You will be able to use the Green Card with the Rayonex PS10 Bioresonance device available for purchase or rental. It is a  smaller and simpler version of the machine used at Waveworks. With this you can give yourself therapy several times a week, as advised by your therapist, without coming in to the practice.


It is an easy process - just switch the PS10 on, insert the Green Card and it will begin. You do not require any technical and therapy knowledge. Just follow the protocol set out by your therapist for how often and how long to use the machine.

Bioresonance at home
Mother and Son_bioresonance at home

Why is it a good option?

The 'At Home' option is a great alternative if you live far away and the effectiveness of the therapy is high. In addition, doing the therapy with the PS10 may potentially lead to quicker health improvement due to the increase frequency of the therapy.


However, it is still necessary to visit Waveworks to check in with how the therapy is going and to update the programs on your Green Cards to ensure the 'At Home' therapy is optimised for you.

Receive Bioresonance Therapy as you would at Waveworks from the comfort of your own home. By renting or buying the Rayonex PS10 Bioresonance device, you can enjoy your therapy while going to bed, having your morning coffee, reading a book - whenever you like!


The 'Bioresonance at Home' option is particularly useful during Covid-19 times, when you may not want to or be able to come to Waveworks for therapy but still want to do what you can to support and improve your health.

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