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Bioresonance Therapy

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How does Bioresonance work?

Bioresonance therapy is a unique branch of energy healing which utilises resonating frequencies to stimulate the body’s immune response and promote optimal functioning of the body’s regulatory mechanisms.

It is firmly rooted in over 30 years of ongoing scientific research and clinical experience by scientists and medical professionals in Germany and worldwide, whereby thousands of energetic frequencies addressing specific body parts, illnesses, symptoms and even pathogens have been discovered and consolidated for analysis and subsequent harmonisation purposes.

Why Bioresonance Therapy?

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​Bioresonance therapy works for all age groups. It is suitable for adults and babies from three months. Our therapists look at the cause of the illness - not the symptom. 


Bioresonance therapy is non-invasive, it works harmoniously with the body.

For most illnesses, it is effective testing and therapy tool. 

No expensive and harmful drugs are needed. 

The Waveworks Way

Step 2

Repeat Bioresonance Therapy

Therapy will aid in resolving issues identified in the first assessment. The therapy works with the body on a cellular level to correct the imbalances therefore creating long lasting results. 

Step 4

Unique Natural Supplements

Our staple supplements are carefully selected and sourced for highest possible quality, purity and bioavailability. We visit the production factories of our most important supplements to ensure the products reach our standards.

Step 1

We conduct a thorough assessment beginning with identifying areas of concern and testing your body for intolerances, allergies, hormone imbalances, presence of harmful compounds like viruses, parasites, heavy metals and fungus.

Personal Assessment

Step 3

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Based on your symptoms and goals, a lifestyle and diet advice will be tailored to your needs and you will received continued coaching during your therapy period.  This advice will help you with the most important part of your therapy plan - How to stay healthy!

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