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Alistair Todd

Bioresonance Therapist

Alistair is a Bioresonance Therapist and former professional tennis player and instructor. Originally from Perth, Australia, he has now lived in Hong Kong for 15 years.  Alistair gained in Bioresonance accrediation at the Rayonnex Biomedical Centre in Lennestadt, Germany.

Alistair believes modern medicine focuses too much on treating the symptoms of ill-health and often neglects the root cause. However, by focusing on a more holistic approach to health and wellness we are able to unlock and support the body’s own regenerating potential and create to ability to heal from within. The human body is such an incredible organism with amazing healing and regenerating abilities.


He has had a life-long passion for health and wellness, but had not experienced Bioresonance until he was introduced to it by  one of the original founders of WAVEWORKS, Pelle Andersson. It immediately resonated with him and complemented so many of the concepts and elements of health and well-being that he has practiced and shared with others over the years. He has now been practicing Bioresonance for 3 years, and is constantly amazed by and wanting to learn more about the incredible nature of this form of therapy. It's ability to assist each person to unlock their body’s true healing potential and help them on their path to sustainable health and wellness is simply amazing.  


Coming from a competitive sporting background, Alistair's passion and focus is on helping those with sporting-related injuries and underlying issues. From nutrition and supplements to injury rehabilitation and performance enhancement, his aim is to assist the individual to reach his or her ultimate active and health goals. 


Having helped clients to achieve pain-free movement after years of constant pain, or recover from injuries that other health professionals said would require surgery to fix, it gives him such satisfaction to see the joy his clients receive from feeling they are back in control of their own health and wellness, rediscovering their own body, and becoming more in tune with it. 


Alistair looks forward to being able to assist you with your health and wellness goals.


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