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Clayton Horton

Bioresonance Therapist


Clayton Horton is a Certified Bioresonance Practitioner and a renowned Ashtanga yoga instructor. Originally from San Francisco, USA, he has lived in Hong Kong since 2014. He was acquainted with Bioresonance through WAVEWORKS as a client in 2015, and was amazed by the therapy. He became a regular client for over 2 years then decided to train as a therapist. He was accredited at the Rayonnex Biomedical Centre in Lennestadt, Germany. Since joining WAVEWORKS as a Bioresonance Therapist in 2017, he has been focusing on addressing allergies and nutritional deficiencies in various clients. He serves as not only a Bioresonance Therapist, but also as a Wellness facilitator who provides guidance in nutrition and healthy lifestyle. He believes that Bioresonance technology provides a beautiful window of opportunity for future global health.

Clayton has been drawn to fitness and health since childhood. In his youth, he was involved in competitive swimming, triathlons and surfing, which led him to find interest in nutrition and yoga. He is an internationally recognised senior Ashtanga Yoga teacher who teaches, classes, workshops and retreats worldwide. Clayton currently teaches at Pure Yoga in Hong Kong. He is an amateur musician who enjoys singing Sanskrit mantras and heartsongs (Kirtan), away of connecting with the community in an uplifting and inspiring manner, with the intention of self-remembering and healing.
Clayton is inspired to guide clients to sustainable health by administering appropriate frequencies and lifestyle consultation. He believes many people simply need guidance in taking control over their own health. He recently finished his Nutrition Science Course from Stanford Center for Health Education (2021) to further his guidance in sustainable lifestyle.

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