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Savio Woo

Bioresonance Therapist

Savio is a registered Bioresonance therapist, trained at Paul Schmidt Akademie, Germany. He was born and raised in Hong Kong, and a long time Ashtanga Yoga practitioner. He was introduced to Bioresonance through his mentor and friend Clayton. Since 2019, Savio joined Clayton as a Bioresonance therapist at WAVEWORKS. With his intricate understanding of wavelengths and vibration, he greets his clients with a calm vibe. Savio focuses on identifying the possible root causes of him client’s ailments and provides proper suggestion in terms of lifestyle and dietary adjustments in a gradual process.


Savio is also a professional musician which made his specialty in Bioresonance more unique. He understands the resonance of the body as if he were to be listening to a Bach Cello Sonata. He understands the patterns and the sounds of our body through his years of practice in music. Not only he is making harmony for your health, his wish is to hear the world that is singing in perfect harmony and he keeps his ears open every moment to welcome that.


Savio’s recent passion is photography. He used to draw, but he feels photography is more spontaneous and is able to catch moments in life much quicker. To him, photography is a visual communication tool that allows us to appreciate what we have but have not realised. He is focused on looking at things with different eyes to appreciate more things in life. He believes there are more than just thin layer of things. When he looks deeper and deeper, he is able to find something extraordinary. Imbalance in life is caused by less obvious things. Savio is an expert in finding things extraordinary that are hidden.

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