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Peter Brodendal

Co-founder & Bioresonance Therapist


Peter is a Bioresonance Therapist and co-founder of WAVEWORKS. Originally from Sweden, Peter moved to Hong Kong in 1992 and was in the fashion and textiles industry up until 2006 when he made a shift and began studying Chinese Medicine, which was the beginning of a rewarding career in holistic health. When he returned to Hong Kong in 2011, he co-founded WAVEWORKS. His main areas of focus are gut health, immunity and allergies.


Peter has been interested in holistic health for a long time but a downturn in his father's health in 2004 is what turned that interest into action. Using a combination of therapies including conventional, holistic and bioresonance, Peter's father has been able to extend his life 18 years so far, much longer than the 4 years on average for a bone marrow cancer diagnosis. This personal experience has driven Peter to help as many people as possible to overcome their aliments with the natural therapy of Bioresonance in conjunction with lifestyle and nutrition changes, allowing them to become the best versions of themselves.

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