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Quick Silver Scientific - Clear Way Cofactors (120 Capsules)
  • Quick Silver Scientific - Clear Way Cofactors (120 Capsules)


    This proprietary blend of botanicals, enzymes, and nutrients contains cofactors that assist detoxification. Designed to support your body’s metal detox pathways, gut barrier integrity, and antioxidant enzyme production.*


    Botanical-Driven Detox Support:

    Liver, Detox + Glutathione Support – Potent ingredients can help to offset environmental contaminants and support both glutathione and cellular production. Dandelion, pomegranate and pine bark are included for their liver and glutathione-supportive properties.*


    GI Barrier Function – Irritation in the GI tract may impede proper detoxification. Haritaki is an ayurvedic herb that is known to help fortify and comfort the GI mucosa.*


    Biofilm Breakdown – Nattokinase helps diminish biofilms (accumulations of fibrin coating detox transporters) chop up and release transporters to flow out toxins.*

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