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True organic of Sweden - Face it (30ml)
  • True organic of Sweden - Face it (30ml)

    A fast absorbing potent organic serum with a high concentration of active ingredients



    A luxurious organic serum for radiant and glowing skin. Formulated of the finest blend of pure organic oils.

    • 100% natural  
    • 97% organic 
    • UV and tamper proof glass bottle
    • Vegan friendly

    Apply a few drops of Face It on your finger tips. While singing your favorite tune gently pat onto your face with your fingers and it will help your skin!

    • Promote cell renewal
    • Stimulate new collagen production  
    • Improve skin toe, texture and pigmentation.
    • Reduce fine lines, wrinkles and
    • Restore elasticity
    • Truly nourishing and revitalizing
    • Non-comedogenic for any type of skin. 
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