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Maria Åkerberg - Face Mask Clearing (50ml)

Maria Åkerberg - Face Mask Clearing (50ml)


Face Mask Clearing is a deep-cleansing and astringent facial mask with Silica and Vitamin C, suitable for all skin types, including skin with acne.

Face Mask Clearing extracts impurities and has an astringent effect on pores. It is also suitable when there is fluid in the skin, such as blisters, which can cause inflammation. Face Mask Clearing can firm loose skin and make stretch marks less visible.

Silica is one of the minerals that are considered most important for the skin. Silica cleanses clogged pores and binds bacteria, grease and dirt. The result is a healthier and more fresh-looking skin. Silica is also used as a dietary supplement to treat stomach problems. Skin, hair and nails all benefit from an extra dose of Silica from the inside.

Vitamin C from oranges is used in Face Mask Clearing as a preservative and antioxidant.

The product contains natural self preservatives.

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