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I am simply lucky to have come across Waveworks and knowing Pelle and Peter who treated my son's severe eczema problem. The treatment was a long journey but the result is encouraging. Christian first came with an almost like burnt face, on top of all the rash patches all over the body. He is found allergic to gluten, dairy products, soy beans which were not found in other allergy tests we did before. We have done numerous treatment and we have strong belief it's going to work as two good friends of mine were treated and walked out of the eczema disturbance. We benefit from Pelle and Peter's experience and also tips on good diet with natural food and supplements. I have no doubt, and have been recommending Bioresonance treatment to my friends because that's the only way to let your body talk to you and receive the most effective and naturally appropriate treatment.

—  Amanda, Eczema problem

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