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Wherever electricity is used, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are generated. Whether in the office or at home, we are excessively exposed to EMFs in our highly technological world. When examining people who are exposed to electric and magnetic alternating fields for long periods with bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, one always finds interference in 6 fundamental frequency values (22.50; 40.00; 77.50; 78.50; 89.50; 99.50). These values have been integrated into dipole antenna systems of the Elo-Rayex to provide a constant harmonising effect.


The Elo-Rayex does not change any surrounding EMFs, but strengthens our defence and helps compensate for any energy deficits. It is most helpful when we are exposed to EMFs from power lines, transformers, cables, electrical wiring and electrical appliances. It should be placed on a flat surface with the label facing up, such as on the desk, at bedside or anywhere near the body. It is effective within a radius of 2 metres.


The Elo-Rayex is not powered by electricity. No maintenance is required. It can be used continuously provided it is not broken. It should be cleaned with a moist cloth to prevent the accumulation of dust, dirt or static.

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