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Quick Silver Scientific - Liposomal GABA
  • Quick Silver Scientific - Liposomal GABA


    Our brain naturally produces GABA–thepremier‘calm and connect’ neurotransmitter that inhibits or slows down nerve impulses . GABA supports rest and relaxation .
    L-Theanine, an amino acid found in green tea, also facilitates relaxation and calms without impairing cognition . Together, they help support a balanced state.

    Transition to Tranquility

    GABA – Naturally produced by the body, GABA is the premier ‘calm and connect’ neurotransmitter that promotes balanced nerve transmission.*

    L-Theanine – A calming amino acid. After supplementing with L-Theanine, brain wave patterns can smooth out, much like they do with meditation.*

    Unsurpassed Absorption – Typical oral GABA supplements have very poor bioavailability. Quicksilver liposomal absorption technology deliver both GABA + L-theanine faster and more efficiently for optimal effect.*


    • Supports rest and relaxation
    • Can calm without impairing cognition
    • Helps regulate GI function
    • Supports balance throughout the nervous system



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