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Quick Silver Scientific - Liposomal Melatonin
  • Quick Silver Scientific - Liposomal Melatonin


    Melatonin is an antioxidant hormone naturally produced in the body . Melatonin supportsahealthysleep-wakecycleandnormalcircadianrhythms .Melatoninmaybe beneficialinsettingsofjetlag,occasionalsleeplessness,oralteredsleepschedulesdue to shift work . Each serving contains 1mg of melatonin.

    Sleep Blissfully, Wake Refreshed

    Fast-Acting – Bypass tossing and turning and ease into peaceful sleep. Oral liposomal delivery helps this natural sleep hormone begin its effects as soon as it hits the tongue.

    Sleep Through the Night – This unique delivery method allows for prolonged systemic effects, and may be helpful for those with issues sleeping throughout the night.

    Goodbye Melatonin ‘Hangover’ – Melatonin morning grogginess is often due to excessive dosing. Because our advanced delivery does more with less, this formula is effective in lower doses. The liquid form allows for self-tailored dosing to meet your needs.

    • Supports healthy sleep cycles
    • May offset travel related tiredness
    • Supports immune function
    • Liposomal liquid allows dose to be adjusted easily



    Room Temperature – Do Not Refrigerate

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