Guided by the principles of bioresonance according to Paul Schmidt, the fundamental frequency value 12.5 was integrated into the Mini-Rayonex through a dipole antenna system. Cell biological investigations reveal that this could have a very positive impact on the cell metabolism and the fundamental regulatory capacity of the organism for self-regulation. The Mini-Rayonex stimulates mitochondrial production of ATP and can increase our energy, help with sleep and produce a calming effect.

Instructions for use:

The Mini-Rayonex is ideally placed with the label facing up on a flat surface near the body, especially during sleep. Due to its unique design, it can also be carried in pockets or bags, with frequencies emitting from the side with the label. It has an effective radius of around 2 metres.

Each Mini-Rayonex has been hand-made in Germany under the strictest quality control. Cleaning by a moist cloth is sufficient for preventing the accumulation of dust and dirt.

Experiments showing the effects of bioresonance on cell metabolism can be seen in a study featuring the Mini-Rayonex



迷你內含兩極天線,永久性發放12.5宇宙基本能量頻值,刺激細胞製造ATP (三磷酸腺苷) 增加能量。




顯示傷口癒合的相對速度有以下短片為證,該一分鐘短片屬時間推移視頻的製作 (time-lapsed video)。

Mini-Rayonex (For energy, calmness and wound healing)